Welcome to Jackie Weber's Portfolio

DMD: HCI for Dentists
Dental HCI Overview
DMD was our capstone project for the HCI Master's degree. Working with clients from Pitt Dental School, we spent 8 months researching, developing, and testing software for dentists.
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Social Media Project - TWIG: The World is Giving
TWIG, The World is Giving, was a prototype for a social media course at Carnegie Mellon University.
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Onveloop: Video for long distance relationships
Onveloop was the final project in my Basic Interaction Design course. The assignment was to create an application or website which used video. After developing and testing out several concepts, we decided on a website for those in long distance relationships.
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Remote Educational Antenna Lab
REAL screenshot from prototype
This semester-long project was the 'lab' portion of the Human Computer Interaction Methods course. Our team took this project all the way from contextual inquiries with the original website to think-alouds with our prototype. All of the methods that we learned in HCI Methods were applied during the process - contextual inquiries, heuristic evaluation, cognitive walkthrough, etc.
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Anti-Phishing Phil v2.0
Anti-Phishing Phil v2.0 screenshot
This game was our final project in an Educational Game Design course.
CUPS (CMU Usable Privacy and Security) created a simple game called 'Anti-Phishing Phil' several years ago. The game tries to teach players about the dangers of phishing. We made a game with the same goals, but which accomplished them in a more effective manner.
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Experiencing Dyslexia
Experiencing Dyslexia screenshot
This project was for my 'Understanding Perception through Design' course. The idea was to teach something intangible. The challenge was to get the class to experience the subject in ways beyond reading and reflecting. Using Flash, I created text which would hopefully help people experience something akin to dyslexia.
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Visual Art
Art screenshot
This was a little Flash piece I made, mostly for fun. It showcases some of my art work from several courses I took as an undergraduate at Wellesley College.
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