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Anti-Phishing Phil, v2.0

Team members
Methods Used

Educational Game Design, Fall '07
Vincent Aleven
Shih-Han Chan, Andrew Moore, Austin Sung
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Cognitive task analysis, think-alouds, pre and post test evaluations

CUPS (CMU Usable Privacy and Security) created a simple game called 'Anti-Phishing Phil' several years ago. The game tries to teach players about the dangers of phishing. They created a game because people often don't read plain text tutorials. We made a game with the same goals as the original, but which tried to accomplish them in a more effective manner.Note that their game has changed some since we did this project.

We did pre and post tests with three users, all of whom showed great improvement with our game. Three users and two short tests are not statistically significant; however, it is encouraging.

We spent a lot of time developing the idea for this game, and less time actually making it, so it's still a bit rough.

My specific personal roles included: making the backgrounds, animations, and storyboards, and all user testing. I also played around with the Flash file after the semester was over to get sound working and fix a few bugs.

Note: while we did have help and advice from some members of CUPS, this is not a product of CUPS.

Please note that Flash Player 9 is required to play the game.

Launch the game! (Opens in a new window)

CUPS Anti-Phishing Phil

CUPS Anti-Phishing Phil

Anti-Phishing Phil v2.0 Storyboard

Anti-Phishing Phil v2.0 storyboard example

Example screen from the game

Example screen from the game