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Onveloop: Video for long distance relationships

Team members
Methods Used

Basic Interaction, Fall '07
Shelley Evenson
Kyle Vice, Wiebke Poerschke , Edmundo Ruiz, Casey Hickerson
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User interviews, competitive research, concept validation, wire-frames, think-alouds, video sketch

Our five person group developed a web application for those in long-distance relationships so they could communicate via video. We began with user and competitive research.

We asked potential users how they communicated via technology, and their specific feelings about video as a medium for communication. After this, we came up with three ideas: video messaging as love letters, as a scrapbook, or as campfire/group storytelling.

We created storyboards of three different concepts. After concept validation with users, we decided to design a video messaging system for couples in long-distance relationships. Instead of love letters, couples could send one another personalized video messages.

Our mission statment: Enable easy creation of video to enhance communication in established personal relationships by emphasizing message quality within specific contexts.

We were all involved in concept generation, concept validation, wireframing, and user testing. Other personal contributions included: writing the script for our video sketch, finding music for our video sketch, and putting together a prototype for user testing from Wiebke's images. I also put together the final presentation.

Further details can be found in our presentations:
Research, Findings, and Design Implications (1.3MB)
Concept Development and Feedback (1.3MB)
Final Presentation: Onveloop (6MB)

initial research results

Initial research results

Scrapbook storyboard

Storyboard, scrapbook idea

Home Page

Screenshot of home screen, from our prototype