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Experiencing Dyslexia

Methods Used

Understanding Perception through Design, Spring '08
Stacie Rohrbach, Anne Faye
Available here (opens in new window) (or check out the Spanish version)
Background research

The challenge for this project was to teach something in two ways: one, the standard lecture/slideshow, and two, enable others to experience the topic in some way beyond reading or reflecting.

I did basic research to better understand dyslexia, especially the symptoms. I used this information in my lecture and slideshow (pdf) with my class. The slideshow contains a basic definition of dyslexia, possible causes, symptoms, who has dyslexia, etc.

The main part of this project was the flash animation that I created. This flash presentation, available below, was intended to help people experience something akin to dyslexia.

Because several people have asked - please feel free to link to this page or use the presentation as you see fit. I translated this into Spanish at the request of a Mexican psychologist. If anyone has another language they would like to see this in, provide me a translation and I will be happy to create it.

If you're curious about this course, my final paper discussed how understanding perception directly relates to design.

Please note that Flash Player 9 is required to view this animation.

Launch the animation (English Version). (Opens in a new window)

Launch the animation (Spanish Version). (Opens in a new window)


Example from animation

Symptoms, from presentation

Symptoms, from presentation

Symptoms continued

Symptoms continued, from presentation