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Social Media Project - TWIG

Methods Used
Final Paper

Social Web, Fall '08
Jason Hong, Robert Kraut
Background research, paper prototyping, medium fidelity prototyping
Available Here

Our main project during the Social Media course was TWIG - The World is Giving.

Starting off with the idea to develop an online community to support donations to non-profits, and using the research from our class, we brainstormed up TWIG - The World Is Giving.

TWIG lets consumers access ongoing projects from nonprofit organizations, monitor their respective progress, and make hassle-free donations to pinpointed causes. Users earn 'points' for various activities on the site, which they can exchange for goods from for-profit companies.

All four team members were highly involved in brainstorming and deciding how our program would work. We user tested paper prototypes and a medium fidelity Flash prototype. I created much of the paper prototype, and put together the Flash prototype. While we all contributed to the research, I wrote up our final paper.

Example brainstorm board

White board from brainstorm

Paper prototype

Paper prototype

Screenshot from final prototype

Screenshot from Final Prototype