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DMD: HCI for dentists

Team members
Methods Used

Master's Capstone Project, Spring/Summer '08
Anind Dey, Susan Fussell
Titus Schleyer, Thankam Thyvalikakath
Jaanus Kase, Elliott Williams, Sam Hashemi
Contextual inquiries, competitive analysis, background literature review, contextual design, think-aloud, paper prototyping, cognitive task analysis, keystroke level modeling

For our capstone Master's project, we worked with Titus and Thankam over at the University of Pittsburgh in the Dental Informatics department. Our task was to design usable, interesting, and valuable software for dentists.

During our spring semester, we researched the domain. This included background literature review, competitive analysis, contextual inquiries, and a review of cognitive task analysis data provided by our clients.

We spent the summer designing, prototyping, and iterating. We were all heavily involved in initial brainstorming, design, and user testing. Once we had finished user testing with three different versions of paper prototypes, we split up work more amongst the group. My other responsibilities included meeting secretary, web master, and documentation lead, which included writing all of the reports. I also did a Keystroke Level Modeling analysis, comparing our prototype to a commercially available dental software.

For more information, please take a look at our detailed website, which includes a video demonstration and a downloadable prototype.

Cultural model

Cultural model

Example paper prototype

Example paper prototype

Home Page

Screenshot of the overview page from our final prototype